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Creamy wild mushrooms on toast

This mushroom recipe isn't exactly groundbreaking but I've been enjoying it for years, sometimes as breakfast and sometimes as lunch. Always delicious, and I wanted to share it with you.

The Bristol Cookbook & An Ahh Toots Recipe

So The Bristol Cookbook has landed! A cookbook dedicated to the food of Bristol, with a fine collection of recipes from some of Bristol's best eateries. I've put a marvellous Ahh Toots recipe to the test...

Jekka’s Herb Farm

Vitacress (the Uk's biggest producer and supplier of fresh herbs) invited me for a herby day out at Jekka's Herb Farm for a chance to snoop around this infamous location and pick the brains of Herb queen herself, Jekka McVicar. What Jekka doesn't know about herbs isn't worth knowing.

An Autumnal Salad

I have had extreme 'bah humbug' feelings towards the change of seasons this year, but now I'm sort of getting into the autumn spirit. It's not pumpkins that have won me over either. it's apples in fact. This is a quick and easy salad (of sorts) to welcome some of the season's best.