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Pure Food Camp with Visit Skåne

I'm still looking back on my last visit to Sweden with Pure Food Camp as one of the best I've ever been on. Figured it was high time I shared a little bit more about my experience...

SCHOTT CERAN® FUSICS event in Berlin

Just a few weekends ago, I found myself back in the wonderful city of Berlin. Here I joined the sisterMag team and other international bloggers to celebrate the launch of SCHOTT CERAN's® exciting new cooktop innovations.

Lost Village Festival with The Botanist Gin

Honestly, I thought I was done with festivals. The camping, being knee deep in mud, not showering for four days, naff pints of warm beer, eating cold beans out of the can. I loved it at the time but had definitely had its day for me. Then comes an invite to The Lost Village Festival with The Botanist Gin. I pondered...cocktails and a teepee with a real mattress? Go on then, I can handle that!

Edinburgh Food Favourites

I have been meaning to revisit Edinburgh for gosh, I don’t know how long. Great British Food got in touch and invited me on an overnight stay to experience some of the cities food highlights and the Royal Highland Show. I extended my stay to make the most of being on the other side of...