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SCHOTT CERAN® FUSICS event in Berlin

Just a few weekends ago, I found myself back in the wonderful city of Berlin. Here I joined the sisterMag team and other international bloggers to celebrate the launch of SCHOTT CERAN's® exciting new cooktop innovations.

Lost Village Festival with The Botanist Gin

Honestly, I thought I was done with festivals. The camping, being knee deep in mud, not showering for four days, naff pints of warm beer, eating cold beans out of the can. I loved it at the time but had definitely had its day for me. Then comes an invite to The Lost Village Festival with The Botanist Gin. I pondered...cocktails and a teepee with a real mattress? Go on then, I can handle that!

Edinburgh Food Favourites

I have been meaning to revisit Edinburgh for gosh, I don’t know how long. Great British Food got in touch and invited me on an overnight stay to experience some of the cities food highlights and the Royal Highland Show. I extended my stay to make the most of being on the other side of...

West Sweden: Food Stories

A few weeks ago now, Visit Sweden invited me on a culinary adventure to explore the food over there. It was my first time in Sweden and I am completely floored by the amount of great food this country has to offer. And I barely scratched the surface! Here are some of the highlights and...