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Tomato Stuffed Peppers & Chilli Linguine

This is an old favourite summer dinner of mine and what I think to be a good example of how simple is sometimes best. Minimal ingredients handled well will always bring a tasty meal to the table.

Bristol Guide: Khao & Bao

It's time to give some of my favourite Bristol eateries a home on the blog. These aren't 'reviews' as such, just a little space for me to shout about places I love and why I think you might to. First up, Khao & Bao.

Playing with Propercorn

I have been completely won over by Propercorn and the joy of making your own popcorn at home. Sweet and salty isn't a flavour, it's a taste. Get experimenting!

Ordoo App Review

So now there's an app that allows you to order lunch and coffee without the hassle of having to wait in line, lucky for me it's currently based across Bristol and Bath. Join me as I put it to the test...