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Hello! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

In case the name didn’t give it away, here is where you’ll find all things food. My love for the stuff has gradually grown into a full time healthy obsession so I figured it was about time I found somewhere to nurture it. I’m no chef but a lack of training doesn’t stop me from bringing delicious food to the plate. And I don’t think it should stop you either. 

Most recipes are my own or from the many dozens of cookbooks I adore, they are not bound by any particular way of eating or dietary needs. Just simple home cooking with a focus on fresh, seasonal and often local produce. Following the British seasons to cook with whatever they’re offering is something I’m very in tune with. I’m inspired by the visual details, food of the world, new sights and other creative minds. Photographing food brings me just as much joy as eating it!

I’m currently residing in a lovely area of the world that I am head over heels for – Bristol, England. Food lovers like myself are spoilt rotten for choice here and so you’ll also see features of foodie highlights from around these parts as I eat my way around the city.

So, let’s eat shall we?