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Spoke & Stringer

I dropped by Spoke & Stringer to sample their new tapas menu. It's filled with seasonal highlights and what a surprise, I'm so hungry after putting this post together!

The Bristol Cookbook & An Ahh Toots Recipe

So The Bristol Cookbook has landed! A cookbook dedicated to the food of Bristol, with a fine collection of recipes from some of Bristol's best eateries. I've put a marvellous Ahh Toots recipe to the test...

Jekka’s Herb Farm

Vitacress (the Uk's biggest producer and supplier of fresh herbs) invited me for a herby day out at Jekka's Herb Farm for a chance to snoop around this infamous location and pick the brains of Herb queen herself, Jekka McVicar. What Jekka doesn't know about herbs isn't worth knowing.

Bristol Guide: Khao & Bao

It's time to give some of my favourite Bristol eateries a home on the blog. These aren't 'reviews' as such, just a little space for me to shout about places I love and why I think you might to. First up, Khao & Bao.