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Lisbon: A Food Guide

Whenever I travel, I let my stomach be my compass. Lisbon was no exception to the rule. Known for their 'pastel de nata', which I did eat an unhealthy amount of (all in the name of research of course), but Lisbon has much more to offer than custard tarts.

Slow Living at Elmley Reserve

I used to screw my face up at the idea of ‘slow living’. My interpretation of it was really more of a passing trend, a certain style or aesthetic and all in all, not for me. No, it’s not all soft linens, candles and taking photos of our cups of tea. It’s a pace of...

Penally Abbey Hotel

Penally Abbey Hotel and Restaurant invited me to stay last month, maybe they know I won’t turn down any opportunity involving a sea view? Lucky me anyway! The hotel is just a 5-minute drive from Tenby, a little seaside town in the surrounds of arguably the most beautiful coastline Wales has to offer. My first visit to...

Artist Residence

Artist Residence have gained a popular name for themselves in the world of Instagram. I don’t go a day without scrolling past their most famously Instagrammed room from the London venue, you’ve probably seen the one! When they invited me down to their Cornwall hotel for a short winter getaway, my knee-jerk reaction was it...