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A Weekend at Watergate Bay

Some weeks ago now, myself, Mona, Jess and Fritha packed ourselves into a little jeep and headed for Watergate Bay. It’s a tight squeeze in that jeep but I’m racking up some fond memories from the adventures it’s taken me on (courtesy of Mona, of course). Watergate Bay has been added to the ‘fond memories’...

A Visit To Somerset Lavender Farm

It feels like everyone is done with summer now, I'm seeing photos of pumpkins and beginnings of Autumn already. I've got wonderful summer memories visiting Somerset Lavender Farm and I'm not ready to move on yet.

Copenhagen: A foodies guide

In an attempt to cure those post Christmas blues, me and my better half booked an early Spring trip to Copenhagen. The lure of colourful houses, good design and bicycles are just some of the simple things to attract me there in the first place. What I didn't expect, was to discover Denmark's relaxed capital to be quite the foodie haven.