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A Taste of Spain with Alvalle Gazpacho

Alvalle gazpacho approached me at just the right time for a product review. Not yet a week since I returned from the Spanish Balearic island, Mallorca, I’ve got a bad case of post-holiday blues. Sipping on a fresh dose of gazpacho in the garden was just the ticket to transport me back to the Med. Granted,...

Playing with Propercorn

I have been completely won over by Propercorn and the joy of making your own popcorn at home. Sweet and salty isn't a flavour, it's a taste. Get experimenting!

The Week I Cooked From: Hemsley & Hemsley ‘The Art of Eating Well’

Perhaps you remember my introduction to a cookbook review series (it's been a while so I won't blame you if you don't). 'The Week I Cooked From...' is a chance for me to work through my ever growing stack of cookbooks sitting on my shelves. Last time I learned it's not only a good way to give these books the love they deserve but by cooking solidly from the same pages for a week, you really do get a feel for the book as a whole and what their food is all about. Up next is 'Hemsley & Hemsley: The Art of Eating Well'.