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Mindful Chef UK – A recipe kit review

Everything I enjoyed about my first experience with Mindful Chef is in the first part of their name. The selection of variety in recipes for the most nutrional value is mindful, their thought into the design of the recipe cards, the way in which each of the ingredients for the meal are measured exactly to minimise waste, the locally sourced organic produce. It is without doubt, very mindful indeed.

The Week I Cooked From: Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food

Hands up if you buy cookbooks and never actually put them to enough good use? My hand is up, I'm so guilty of this too. I can sit idling hours away, thumbing through pages and pages of beautifully photographed recipes, sticking post-it notes on the recipes I like the sound of the most. In fact, I'd go as far as saying putting post-it notes in cookbooks is my main hobby. There are stacks of colourfully tabbed cookbooks on my shelves and they all need revisiting. This is the start of a review series where I'll take a book, pick some recipes and cook solidly with them for a week. First up in my ode to cookbooks, is Jamie Oliver's Everyday Super Food.