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Ordoo App Review

Two years ago, I didn’t even have a smartphone and now I’m sat at home buying a coffee at the swipe of a finger before heading down to one of my local cafes where I’ll pick it up. It’s not a hover board, but this blows my mind all the same!

If you’re based in Bristol or Bath, you’re one of the lucky ones. Ordoo is ready and waiting for you. I’ve put it to the test across a few Bristol independents and much to my delight, the offerings didn’t stop at coffee either. I placed an order in app for brunch at Spoke & Stringer before heading down and when I arrived, food came to the table. Feels like an extra special kind of service knowing something is ready and waiting for you.

Ordoo App ReviewOrdoo App Review

How Do I Ordoo?

It’s dead easy to get started, just download the app and browse for your usual local spots on the map. The menus are viewable in app for each venue (which is quite handy when you’re trying to narrow down your lunch and coffee choices) and you add items to your order before paying in app. You also decide whether you want that coffee asap or in 5, 10, 15 or however many minutes is convenient for you. Go to the place, it’s ready and waiting for you!

I’ve got time, why bother?

Well, this isn’t just a beat the queue system – although that alone has some serious advantages during those precious lunch hours or during the morning rush! We’ve all been late for something because a morning coffee fix is way more important. Aside from the obvious convenience of not having to faff around waiting, these are local businesses on board. Independent, friendly cafes who are in my experience, so very welcoming when you get there. You can earn and redeem loyalty rewards in app just from using it, who doesn’t love a freebie once in a while?

Ordoo App ReviewOrdoo App Review

Last of all, and I am a little reluctant to talk about this too much at the risk of sounding like a tech nerd but the Ordoo app itself is really bloody great! It’s so quick to use, easy to navigate and it’s not at all buggy. I don’t know how I’ve gone from owning a nokia 3210 to genuinely caring about whether an app has an intuitive user interface but here I am! Ordoo are waiting for you, get started with a coupon code ‘welcome3’ for a £3 reward on your first order.

The Ordoo Collective

One more thing here, I promise! The Ordoo Collective has recently started over at team Ordoo – it’s a project that lets people like me and you shout about the places we love on their platform. You can get involved if you like, go have a read all about being an Ordoo Ambassador. I don’t think there’s a cool badge for being a part of said community (not yet, anyway) but there will be drinks and food on them if you fit the bill!Ordoo App ReviewThis post is sponsored but all words and opinions are of course my own.