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A Christmas Brunch – Parsnip Rostis & Chilli Jam

Surprise surprise, Christmas is all about the food for me. It doesn't just stop at one day though. I like to think that after the mad rush of all the running around like headless chickens, everyone can slow down and enjoy time with loved ones. Here's my favourite festive brunch sure to be a crowd pleaser for whatever the size.

Healthy tahini banana bread

To be quite honest with you, my enthusiasm for baking starts and ends with The Great British Bake Off. As much as I live for food, the baking side of it is something I've never really warmed to and most of my efforts amount to disaster in the kitchen. It's ironic that the science of baking makes me feel like I have no control over what's on the other side of those minutes in the oven and I like to keep control of my dishes, adjusting along the way.

Blackberry Chia Seed Jam

Introductions have never been my strong suit so I’m just going to go right ahead into this first blog post like it’s my twentieth and we all know each other. If you want to find out a bit more about me then feel free to have a gander over on the ‘about’ page but otherwise...