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Spring Orzotto

This Spring orzotto recipe can be thrown together sooner than it will take me to write my post about it. That’s the glorious thing about Spring / Summer cooking. Produce is so bloomin’ brilliant we can spend less time in the kitchen, cooking the simple dishes that gives us more time to spend outside enjoying the...

Sausage & Kale Orecchiette

I hadn't meant for this to be my first post of 2017 but here we are. Those post Christmas blues really do stifle creativity and motivation! Anyway, less of the excuses and on with the recipe...

Mushroom burgers, grilled peach and halloumi

Two part excitement; I made a vegetarian burger that doesn't feel like a compromise on a regular burger and Resident have opened a permanent space in Frome recently, with a beautiful selection of new props.

Aubergine Caponata

Do you ever try to recreate food you've eaten in a restaurant? I do, it's how my recipe for aubergine caponata started - memories of a Sicilian aubergine bruschetta starter that I just couldn't let go.