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Sriracha Scotch Eggs

You know those words you just can’t spell no matter how many times you see or write them? Sriracha is one of those words for me. It’s ridiculous really because Sriracha sauce is one of my true loves. It’s a cupboard staple. The spelling will not sink in and every time I have to type the...

Wild Garlic Frittata

A frittata recipe for you here, which is really just an excuse to find another way to use wild garlic. A good excuse, nonetheless. All in all, this could be the fifth post I’ve done on wild garlic? I don’t know what more I can possibly say on the stuff. Other than the fact that...

Beetroot, feta and egg toasts

I love beetroot, I really do. But bringing it into my kitchen is like waging a war as it’s the one thing my other half cannot stand. Obviously, I think he’s wrong, I’m forever determined to change his mind. He says beetroot tastes like the earth. I say it’s delicious and sweet, especially when it’s...

Stuffed Baked Onions

Baked onions for a rainy day. Stuffed with all the good things - cheese, bacon, herbs and a little bread. Perfect as a side or starter.