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Smokey bacon, carrot & lentil soup

Soup season is back! Here’s my smokey bacon, carrot and lentil number. It’s tasty, I can tell you that much. And prepared with very few ingredients, making it a perfect quick and easy weeknight supper as the nights start drawing in sooner. The clocks went back over the weekend so I need all the comfort...

Artichoke, garlic & cannellini bean soup

There’s practically tumbleweed blowing through the blog this year! So far, not so good. Ahhhh, I’m sorry. I plan to change the regularity of posts soon as I do have some exciting things planned for the blog. Until then, though, I’m dashing in and out. I’ll leave you with an ‘in between seasons’ recipe for...

Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpea Salad

My last post was pretty much a recipe for breakfast gluttony. I do like to keep things in balance so that the jeans still fit! Here's a seasonal salad with the beautiful and colourful cauliflowers.

An Autumnal Salad

I have had extreme 'bah humbug' feelings towards the change of seasons this year, but now I'm sort of getting into the autumn spirit. It's not pumpkins that have won me over either. it's apples in fact. This is a quick and easy salad (of sorts) to welcome some of the season's best.