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Showing recipes for the "spring" season

Artichoke, garlic & cannellini bean soup

There’s practically tumbleweed blowing through the blog this year! So far, not so good. Ahhhh, I’m sorry. I plan to change the regularity of posts soon as I do have some exciting things planned for the blog. Until then, though, I’m dashing in and out. I’ll leave you with an ‘in between seasons’ recipe for...

Chicken, Wild Garlic & Three Cheese Galette

Wild garlic came a little closer to home this week, in the park right behind my flat! It was a sighting I was very pleased to see having been on quite the excursion to forage for it the first time around, and it was then that I realised I'm not nearly done with it yet.

Lamb, apricot & mint burgers

I could happily spend the entire month of April writing recipes with wild garlic. For this post, I'm turning away from seasonal veg to bring you one of my favourite ways of cooking with lamb. In a burger, and yes - I've paired it with mint. But wait! There's more...

Roasted cabbage, romesco sauce & crispy pancetta

Spring is just around the corner and I'm so excited for all things green! Broad beans, asparagus, fresh podded peas...I can feel it getting close but we're not quite there yet. Savoy cabbages are here though and I'm making the most of them while there's an abundance of the British variety down at my local veg shop.