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Showing recipes for the "spring" season

Beetroot, feta and egg toasts

I love beetroot, I really do. But bringing it into my kitchen is like waging a war as it’s the one thing my other half cannot stand. Obviously, I think he’s wrong, I’m forever determined to change his mind. He says beetroot tastes like the earth. I say it’s delicious and sweet, especially when it’s...

Wild Garlic and Cheese Scones

I cannot tell you just how excited I am that wild garlic season has come back around again. It’s my absolute favourite time in the seasonal calendar! I am also quite fickle, and will probably say that when asparagus, strawberry or even tomato kicks in. Wild garlic is a true sign of Spring though. I’ll...

Artichoke, garlic & cannellini bean soup

There’s practically tumbleweed blowing through the blog this year! So far, not so good. Ahhhh, I’m sorry. I plan to change the regularity of posts soon as I do have some exciting things planned for the blog. Until then, though, I’m dashing in and out. I’ll leave you with an ‘in between seasons’ recipe for...

Chicken, Wild Garlic & Three Cheese Galette

Wild garlic came a little closer to home this week, in the park right behind my flat! It was a sighting I was very pleased to see having been on quite the excursion to forage for it the first time around, and it was then that I realised I'm not nearly done with it yet.