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Showing recipes for the "summer" season

Sriracha Scotch Eggs

You know those words you just can’t spell no matter how many times you see or write them? Sriracha is one of those words for me. It’s ridiculous really because Sriracha sauce is one of my true loves. It’s a cupboard staple. The spelling will not sink in and every time I have to type the...

Spring Orzotto

This Spring orzotto recipe can be thrown together sooner than it will take me to write my post about it. That’s the glorious thing about Spring / Summer cooking. Produce is so bloomin’ brilliant we can spend less time in the kitchen, cooking the simple dishes that gives us more time to spend outside enjoying the...

Butter Baked Corn & My Ultimate Potato Salad

Another seasonal recipe in collaboration with the lovely Abi from These Four Walls. I'm using fresh corn on the cob paired with my ultimate potato salad to bring one heck of a dinner to the table.

Tomato Stuffed Peppers & Chilli Linguine

This is an old favourite summer dinner of mine and what I think to be a good example of how simple is sometimes best. Minimal ingredients handled well will always bring a tasty meal to the table.