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A Taste of Spain with Alvalle Gazpacho

Alvalle gazpacho approached me at just the right time for a product review. Not yet a week since I returned from the Spanish Balearic island, Mallorca, I’ve got a bad case of post-holiday blues. Sipping on a fresh dose of gazpacho in the garden was just the ticket to transport me back to the Med. Granted, it’s not thirty degrees here but at least the sun is out!
A Taste of Spain with Alvalle GazpachoA Taste of Spain with Alvalle Gazpacho

On holiday, all I wanted to do was relax in the sun and read. Swapping out screen time to get lost in the pages of fiction. It’s a little holiday tradition I struggle to bring back home with me. I seem to be off to a good start this time around. Between pages, I sipped on the refreshing taste of gazpacho, without a care in the world. It was just an hour but these little moments are worth hanging onto. Maybe I’ll take it one step further on the next garden lunch, I’ll pencil in time for a siesta!
A Taste of Spain with Alvalle Gazpacho

I know you might be wondering why I’ll promote something shop bought when you can make gazpacho yourself at home. It’s true. But, I can’t get my hands on the same sun-drenched tomatoes Alvalle pack in here. When the sun is shining, I don’t really want to be getting the blender out and making a mess at lunchtime either. It is a rare thing to find a convenience food that’s neither compromise on flavour or quality. No need to bore you by listing off the ingredients from the carton but rest assured, it’s made up only of things you should expect from a gazpacho. No random additives I can’t pronounce. The zesty blend of raw vegetables makes up 1 of your 5 a day too!

This stuff is the true taste of Spain. If Alvalle did a blind taste test, I honestly could not tell you the difference between a guzzle of theirs or that from a Spanish home or restaurant!

If you’re feeling like you need a shot of veg on the go, or like me, need something to help transport you back to a warmer climate, Alvalle gazpacho is available from Sainsburys and Waitrose.

*this post is in paid partnership with Alvalle gazpacho. As always, all words and opinions are very much my own