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Wonderful Ways with Wild Garlic

Wild garlic season is upon us again, perhaps my favourite time of year! Here’s a quick round-up of a few wonderful ways I’ve been enjoying it recently.Wonderful ways with wild garlicWonderful ways with wild garlic_Z7A3698

Wild Garlic Pesto

Pesto is a given. It’s usually my first go to ‘recipe’ (if you can call it that) when I haven’t yet decided how else I want to use it. I love the vivid green colour and the strong pungency you get compared to a regular pesto. For quantities, I tend to stick to rough measurements of 50g parmesan, 50g toasted nuts, a big handful of wild garlic, a little lemon, salt and pepper with extra virgin olive oil to loosen as you see fit. Here, with crispy pan-fried gnocchi and plenty of parmesan. Simple but delicious.Wonderful ways with wild garlic

Wild Garlic in Soups & Stews

Chopping up and adding to soups and stews in the last few minutes of cooking tends to be the way I use wild garlic the most. Pictured here, a recipe from Anna Jones’ ‘A Modern Cooks Year’, a simple vegetable-based soup topped with toasted hazelnuts and lemon. And maybe you saw my last post at Elmley Nature Reserve? Tom Herbert cooked a wonderful one-pot dish on an open pit fire, melt in the mouth courgettes with butter beans. I think that’s my favourite wild garlic thing I’ve eaten so far this season!
Wonderful ways with wild garlic

Wild Garlic, Pea & Leek Frittata

Or any variety of frittata for that matter. Although, once you try Elly Pear’s famous Pear Cafe base frittata recipe, you don’t go back. Could be something to do with the 250g of cheddar cheese in there but I’d say it’s unbeatable. Try it for yourself, the recipe can be found in either of her cookbooks.
Wonderful ways with wild garlic

And that’s only the beginning! Here are a few other tasty suggestions:

  • Wilted, with eggs on toast.
  • Chopped and mixed into softened butter to make the best garlic bread you’ll ever have!
  • Wild garlic chicken kievs.
  • Savoury scones, I did post a recipe last year if you fancy giving that one a go.
  • Wild garlic aioli/mayonnaise. Not one I’ve tried to make myself yet but here is the dish that sold me.

For as long as it sticks around I’ll be making the most of my favourite wild ingredient. I hope you’ll be enjoying the season as much as I do and if you have any favourite recipes, do let me know…